twenty one pilots fans prepare to be abducted into outer space by Josh Dun | Facebook | 500PX

Midpoint Music Festival 2014
Cincinnati, OH | Facebook | 500PX

Bring Me The Horizon
Riot Fest 2014
Chicago, IL | Facebook | 500PX

Last weekend at Riot Fest Chicago was my first time seeing PUP since leaving the tour in June. Some of the best dudes doing what they do for all of the right reasons. Support them, they deserve it.


Riot Fest 2014
Chicago, IL | Facebook | 500PX

twenty one pilots
September 4th and 5th 2014 Hometown Shows
Columbus, OH | Facebook | 500PX

September 10, 2014
Columbus, OH | Facebook | 500PX

twenty one pilots
September 4th and 5th 2014 Hometown Shows
Columbus, OH | Facebook | 500PX

Self-portrait because I couldn’t sleep
2014 | Facebook | 500PX

Sometimes you have one chance to prove yourself and you don’t even realize it’s happening until it’s over. Still and forever incredibly thankful for being allowed to shoot this show and for the friends I made because of it.

St. Vincent
2014 NPR Music SXSW Showcase
Austin, TX | Facebook | 500PX

Forecastle Festival
Louisville, KY | Facebook | 500PX

Music festivals, tho.

Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy
Cincinnati, OH | Facebook | 500PX

Sometimes you just have to get into the crowd. And sometimes musicians do too.

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips
Bunbury Festival
Cincinnati, OH | Facebook | 500PX

Anonymous asked: So I am honestly curious about what makes a photographer. I don't mean to offend you or disrespect photographers I'm just a little confused. Like what makes someone a good photographer because don't you just edit everything. I always see on twitter photographers saying I'll share my pictures after I edit and all the hours spent editing. So are photographers just good at editing or is there something more?



There’s so much more to being a photographer that I’m not sure if this question is sarcasm or a joke or whatever, but, in the event that people think all a photographer does is take a shitty photograph and then edit it, I will explain some things.

Being a good photographer and being a well known photographer that is good at what they do are 2 entirely different beasts.

A well known photographer that is good at what they do exhibits the following traits:

Will have an incredible technical understanding of their camera, source of light, which lens to use in what situation, etc.
Will be able to market themselves to every demographic that may or may not be interested in their services.
Will be a good businessperson to make sure that all business sides of things are taken care of (booking shoots, putting shoots together with hair/makeup/wardrobe/location/assistants/etc)
Will be good at networking. In order for people to hire you, people need to see your work and you need to have a dedicated fanbase that will act as your ‘reviews’ when potential clients google you.
Will be passionate and excited about each and every shoot they do… whether it’s a celebrity portrait or a product shot of toilet paper; Every shoot that you work on should be the most important shoot of your life.
Will be able to see something before it happens/see something that isn’t there/or build something from their imagination. Great photographs don’t just ~*happen*~, great photographs are MADE. Great photographs are created. Great photographs are a photographers vision visually represented. 

As far as editing music photography goes (I assume this question is music related since that’s the only side of my photographic catalog that’s ever discussed), have you seen the conditions that photographers shoot in?
We shoot in dark clubs with shitty light and crowd surfers/band dudes falling on us. We have water/beer spit at/on us. We shoot artists standing on a stage 10 feet above us, but somehow have to capture images that put the viewer right up close so that you can almost feel the sweat. We do this all while having 20-65,000 people screaming behind us and telling us that they can do our job better than we can.

A great music photographer anticipates the action and captures what people in the crowd don’t see. While you’re at the shows jumping around, giggling with your friends, putting the shirt that you just bought of the band you just watched,etc, the music photographers are up front figuring out their plan of attack. They’re up there squeezed into a shitty little photo pit to get awesome images to show to fans who most of the time don’t appreciate the amount of hard work went into each shot that is mindlessly reblogged or stolen to put some shitty lyric overlay over it.

And, on a personal level, when I was shooting bands every night, I’d do my homework on them. I would watch youtube videos, look at other photos of them to see what kind of energy they brought to the stage, listen to their set list to try to put little bullet points of when some energy may explode, and so on.

So, the answer to your question, anon, is that NO, photographers aren’t *just good at editing*. Photographers are good at knowing exactly how they see the world and then displaying it for other people to either appreciate or destroy. 

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.
Happy weekend, tumblidiots.


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